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Powerbox-ORC Power Plant


Powerbox-ORC Power Plant


Product Description Technical Parameters

ORC Stand- alone Power Plant

Liquid working medium accesses the heat exchanger through a liquid feed pump, where it converts to vapour with high temperature and pressure after absorbing energy from the waste heat. Such vapour  pushes screw expander to rotate and thus, creating torque which drives the generator for power generation. The low pressure vapour from the outlet of the expander enters into the condenser to convert itself into liquid again.

ORC Stand- alone Power Plant Features

●  Oil- free system, no need for oil- separator;

●  Small in size, low in noise;

●  Wide application ranges;

●  Available for variable working conditions;

●  Using SRM newest profile, with high mechanical


●  Excellent sealing, low disturbance of operation;

●  Safe and reliable grid connection;

●  Compact design, less land occupation, 

   less engineering implementation work; 

●  Low maintenance cost, easy and simple 


●  Stable performance, with high heat conversion


●  Remote control, unattended operation.

ORC Stand- alone Power Plant Working Principles


ORC Stand- alone Power Plant Main Components




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